I want to pass along my appreciation for Connect’s Enhance Program as I’ve finished my first year and have had such a game changing medical experience with the entire Connect team and plan to continue on this path of integrative and functional medicine.

My experience was everything I could’ve hoped for when I first made my decision to invest in my health proactively and holistically. The kindness, intelligence, and collaborative support I’ve received have had a profound impact on me and my life, and I’ve been sharing my praises with many people that I know.

I truly wish this could be the standard for health care and am grateful for the work you do to bring together various perspectives to health and wellness into one place with an emphasis on the individual.

Thank you for doing what you do, so I can be the strongest version of me that is healthy, happy & whole.


I learned of Connect Health after moving from the UK and suffering for the past four years with debilitating migraines. I had all but given up any hope of getting better as I had tried everything I could think of.

But after following Dr. Cheng’s recommendations, I started to see noticeable improvements and it changed the quality of my life. I really appreciated his compassion and found the staff to be very caring and helpful. L. White

Keet’s wise and loving presence helped me to understand and accept an inevitable sadness and unmistakable irony of life, that sometimes we are only able to love people from afar. I am so very grateful for Keet’s amazing guidance through my difficult journey with a loved one – I could never have reached such a loving resolve and profound understanding without her truly professional support.LM
I came to the clinic because of worsening hypertension and lifelong autoimmune issues. My former doctor only offered me increasing medications and declined to work with the naturopath I had consulted.

Collaborating with Dr. Riskin and other practitioners in the clinic, I was supported to find the solutions that worked for me. I was happy to do the work required to adopt the right lifestyle choices based on the evidence that I felt better when I did. As a Behaviour Analyst, I truly appreciated that “what works” was discovered through the outcomes of trials which weren’t restricted by the medical model, and the typical prescriptive approach.

I hope to always be a client of the clinic and feel confident that my healthcare is shared by such a thoughtful and enlightened team.

Bobbi Hoadley

What can I say about Keet…Keet was my therapist 4-5 years ago in Vancouver, and because of the sincere and genuine kindness that she exudes, she has remained my therapist even after I moved to Houston, Texas. Not only do I appreciate her spirit but she always has given me great tools and resources to look into in order to help me deal with whatever issue we are discussing. She is not only a great counselor but a wonderful person.Asha

I have benefitted greatly from working with Keet Neville over the last several years.

She is an extremely caring, compassionate and knowledgeable counsellor.

Keet is a great listener and provides me with invaluable support in hard times.B. Silberman