StrategicHealth Program

Your personalized healthspan protocol


years alive while enjoying your best quality of life.

— You can be the architect of your own health trajectory

Optimal Health, Performance and Longevity Program

A comprehensive individually tailored medical program to optimize your health

  1. We start with a deep dive into your unique biochemistry and physiology through next generation molecular testing as well as a comprehensive risk assessment and screening for disease (cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, cancer, metabolic disorders).
  2. In the next phase, we benchmark your body composition, nutritional /micronutrient levels, functional movement, cardiovascular, hormonal systems and neurocognitive function.

  3. Using a precision functional medicine approach, we combine this rich data set with a deep understanding of your lifestyle (nutrition, sleep, stress resilience, exercise) your health/life goals in order to engage with you on a collaborative partnership to help you achieve optimal health and performance while minimizing your risk of disease.

We focus on:

  • Heart Health
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Gut and Microbiome
  • Neurocognitive Function
  • Hormonal Optimization
  • Metabolic Health
  • Youthful aging

This is a personalized, predictive and preventative program that combines the latest testing technology and an integrative and functional medicine approach to help you maximize your wellness potential.

Due to the comprehensive nature of this program, we can only work with a limited number of dedicated individuals.