Welcome to the Cancer Care Clinic at Connect Health Center for Integrative Medicine. We are located in heart of beautiful Kitsilano (Vancouver, BC). Our cancer care program is dedicated to supporting patients through all stages of their cancer care journey, from prevention through treatment and survivorship. We offer advanced testing, integrative and supportive therapies, immune system support and, most importantly, we focus on the patient as a whole.


Personalized & Patient-Focused


With 1 in 2 Canadians estimated to develop cancer in their lifetime, there is a growing public interest for both comprehensive assessment and evidence-supported integrative therapy. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, you may be interested in pursuing the co-management approach.
Patients living with cancer
Healthy living after cancer
Cancer screening and prevention
Care for the caregiver

Dr. Jessica Moore
Naturopathic Doctor
Director of Integrative Cancer Care

Dr. Jessica Moore, ND leads our cancer care program. She is a residency-trained naturopathic physician with unique experience working in both hospital and private practice settings. She is well-versed in the language and protocols of conventional cancer therapies and she believes that patients benefit greatly from a multidisciplinary team of medical providers.

Dr. Moore takes a terrain-centered approach to your care including advanced testing, personalized nutrition and bio-individualized therapies that complement your conventional care and personal goals.