Longevity Medicine

Our priority is your healthspan and longevity. 

StrategicHealth Program: Year-long immersive longevity program with our full team.
PrecisionHealth Program: Deep-dive executive health assessment offering.

Top new book on Longevity!
Dr. Peter Attia - Outlive

We highly recommend this book to prospective and current patients. Dr. Attia captures the essence of training for your health and longevity. We employ his principles into our practice.

Learn more about Dr. Attia at: peterattiamd.com 

outlive book peter attia  Peter Attia

Empower yourself to be the architect of your own health trajectory.

Achieve your full wellness potential!


Become a healthier, better performing, more resilient, happier you.

Our Story

Connect Health was founded by two MDs, Dr. Lawrence Cheng and Dr. Ashley Riskin who saw the need for a more proactive, preventative and systems based approach to health and healing. They have a unique and broad perspective on healthcare through their emergency medicine backgrounds and additional training including the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine (University of Arizona) and are both Certified Functional Medicine Practitioners.

Dr. Lawrence Cheng



Medical Director & Co-Founder

Dr. Ashley Riskin



Clinical Director & Co-Founder

Our Approach

Personalized + Predictive

By seeking to understand the unique interaction between one’s genetics and environment, we endeavour to individualize lifestyle interventions and treatments as specifically and precisely as we can.


Individuals will be empowered by establishing their own health data baseline, monitoring the progression from wellness to disease and monitoring the effectiveness of interventions to take them back to state of health.

Expert Team

We are a unique team of Integrative and functional medicine trained MDs, Naturopathic Doctors working collaboratively with Health Coaches and other integrative practitioners.

Root Cause Medicine

Functional medicine is a systems biology approach that focuses on identifying and addressing root causes of disease.

Data Driven

We utilize specialized testing for a deeper understanding of your biology. In-depth analysis and synthesis of your data drives personalized recommendations.

Proactive Programs

We offer proactive programs with clearly defined objectives and milestones to help you achieve your health goals, supporting closely along the way.