Dr. Cheng, MD is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of Connect Health. He is trained in Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine (CCFP(EM)), and he has earned a Masters in Public Health (MPH) from Harvard University.

Dr. Cheng uses an integrative and functional medicine approach to treat chronic diseases including cardiovascular, metabolic, hormonal, food/environmental allergies and autoimmune conditions.

He believes that health is our most valuable asset and is defined by vitality and not merely the absence of disease. Dr. Cheng believes in the innate capacity for the body to heal and the importance of integrating mind, body and spirit.

His areas of interest include personalized medicine, the emerging technologies of genomics, the microbiome, botanical medicine, healthy aging and mind-body medicine.

Dr. Cheng continues to practice Emergency Medicine at St. Paul’s Hospital and is part of the Research + Development Team at Providence Health whose goal is to look for innovative solutions to health care. He is passionate about furthering the cause of integrative medicine through practice, education and research. His goal is to help improve not only the health and wellness of individuals but also of the whole community ecosystem.