Summer Time Fun with the Kids

Melisa Dzamastagic DO(UK) M(Ost) Med, BAppScOsteopathy, Stress

As the school year comes to a close, and the days get longer, one of summer’s most cherished garden accessories, the trampoline, gets put to good use. It’s a favorite among the kids, but also … Read More

Detoxifying Vegan Coleslaw

Haely Lindau MSc Nutrition Holistic NutritionistRecipe, Vegan

3 cups purple cabbage, finely shredded using food processor or by hand 1/2 cup chopped cilantro (or parsley) Dressing: 2T apple cider vinegar 1T maple syrup 1.5T nutritional yeast 1T tahini 1 tsp Tamari (or … Read More

Biopuncture for Allergies

Dr. Melissa Carr BSc (Kines), DrTCM, RAcAcupuncture, Allergies

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been in practice for thousands of years, but is ever-evolving, encompassing new modalities to continue to grow our methods of treatment. One of the decades-old methods I use is called … Read More

Spring Has Sprung

Mya Stewart RN, BScN, BACYCAllergies

But with the beauty of this new season comes Pollen! Pollen may trigger uncomfortable symptoms, but did you know there is much that can be done to help you enjoy the outdoors allergy-free this season? … Read More

Detox Diet

Haely Lindau MSc Nutrition Holistic NutritionistDetox, Diet

If you enter the words “Detox Diet” into a Google search, you will find at least 10 pages of sites promoting many different detox diets.  Advertisements for detox diets make several exciting promises, ranging from … Read More


Dr. Lawrence Cheng MD, CCFP(EM), MPHDetox, Functional Medicine

There is no separation, really, between us and our environment.  There is no separation between the quality of the air we breathe and the oxygen that flows through our lungs and into every cell of … Read More

Acupuncture – Does it Hurt?

Dr. Melissa Carr BSc (Kines), DrTCM, RAcAcupuncture

One of the first questions asked of anyone doing acupuncture is, “Does it hurt?” Even before they ask me, I tell every new patient before their treatment that acupuncture is not painful. There is often … Read More

Healthy Eating

Dr. Devon Christie MD, CCFP, ABIHMDiet, Nutrition

There is a lot of talk about “Paleo” or “Caveman” diets in the media. Dr. Christie has distilled the most important take-home points that make sense for your health. Much of the benefit from Paleo-style … Read More