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Chasing “Pain” In My Body:
How to remove repeated pain in your life: Physical pain to Relief, Mental Stress to Stillness, Emptiness to Purpose, Mind Spinning to Clarity…

19 years ago, I had a “pain’ in my left shoulder. I started to practice yoga more to reduce and manage it, I went for physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments. I saw my GP. I had acupuncture and massage treatments. All the treatments eased and made the pain manageable, but the pain kept coming back in varying intensity and always on one side of my body….

One physiotherapist put it this way, “You see a physiotherapist and chiropractor to correct mechanical issues, you see a doctor for chemical treatments, but you need to see someone for psychological changes”. Who do you see for life changes, stress, limiting out-of-date thinking and life habits/beliefs?

Fast forward 10 years, my search to remove the “pain” in my left shoulder eventually lead me to study yoga, meditation, Hakomi Therapy and Therapeutic Counselling. I developed Body Logic treatments, Know Thyself workshops and an Optimum Digestion program. Since, I changed my career from being an Information Management Business Analyst to practicing Mind-Body Medicine at Connect Health.

Here are two case examples from my recent clients who have kindly agreed to share their sessions. I hope they help demonstrate how unique each case is. Sometimes, to remove repeated pain in our body requires us to explore our beliefs, understand our habits and develop broader resources. This allows you to access and develop your unique and healthier way of living your life.

Case Example 1: Before and After a Session with Sarah

The name for this case example summary is changed to protect
the client’s privacy.

Sarah is a retired professional in her early 70s. She came to see me because she has low energy and wants to feel healthier.

Assessment at Beginning of the session:

  • Feeling stressed
  • Stabbing pain on her right knee
  • Left and right sides of body feel imbalanced

60 minutes Mind-Body Treatment/Process:

  • Support “Expression” from whole body
  • Guided complete set of Chakra breathing through body-mind
  • Complete Body Logic targeting connection between crown and sacrum

Outcomes at End of the Session:

  • Feel relaxed and solid
  • Pain disappears
  • Left and right sides of body feel balanced
  • Vision Significantly improved


Case Example 2: Before and After a Session for Natalie

The name for this case example summary is changed to protect
the client’s privacy.

Natalie is a beautiful and active professional in her early 30s. She came to see me at first because she has not been satisfied with her significant relationships.

From Natalie after her last session:
“I like the follow up questions – answers. The structure allowed me to reflect more deeply on our session and its impact on my awareness. Please feel free to use what I have written. It is uncensored. I hope it can help others who read it to step onto their own path. With so much love and gratitude for you and your work.”


Why do you come to see Chew-Nyet for a Hakomi session?

I come to be in a space where I can hear my self fully. Chew-Nyet and I have created a space that is open, free within which to explore what there is to explore, and 100% trust.

What are your expectation(s)?

I expect to discover parts of myself that I have not seen. To understand myself.

Describe what it has been like for you.

Saturday opened my awareness in an experiential way to a way of being that I didn’t know I was being. The whole journey starting a year ago, has felt like a journey with myself, for myself, so that I could be more in the world and with others.

What are your take-aways, if any, after the session?

My created energetic field, my water droplet, that encompasses me from head to below my pelvis as I sit crossed legged on the earth is as much a part of me as my fingers. Inside my water drop I am whole, open and loving towards myself. No one gets in here unless I invite them in. However inside I am always welcome. Inside this space is the awareness to always trust myself when I say no, yes or maybe or I don’t know. Inside this space I breathe easily. All is truly okay. Inside it, my heart is fully open, nourishing parts of me that may need my full, open, limitless love. It is a safe space within me. I am at peace when I bring my awareness there.

Tell me three differences about yourself before the session and after the Hakomi session last Saturday with Chew-Nyet.

That energetic water droplet had allowed me to be with people but not take on their energy. FINALLY. When someone is angry around me, frustrated or stressed. Which I got to put to practice as I was doing a First Aid course and people were emotional and distressed in many ways. I felt relaxed and grounded because I was getting the material. But I also did not feel disconnected from what they were going through, I just wasn’t confused that it was me.
I can now feel my body from the hips down, I can feel the electricity.
I am energetically healing my right pelvis. My heart is open and I send energy there. I have grown it from a grape to a mandarin orange. My right is feeling more stable by the day. I will nurture it until it is the same as my left side.

What are the benefits (if any) from the session one week later?
Feel own groundedness. 
Coming from a self-confident empowered place
. Calmer. 
I can breathe. 
Why was I rushing before? Towards what? 
My decisions are coming from a solid place within my droplet
. Honestly it feels like the people I am meeting and actions I am taking and conversations I am having are conspiring for ease of flow in my life.
 I am listening to life/ Mother Earth
. Become Aware of my personal boundaries.



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