What is Dr. Riskin Reading?

Dr. Ashley Riskin BSc, MD, CCFPFunctional Medicine


What is Dr. Riskin Reading? By Dr. Riskin – Connect Health Co-Founder and Co-Director. Postmenopausal hormone therapy exceeding ten years may protect from dementia Read the Original Article here Dr. Riskin’s Take: This study looked … Read More

The Future of Medicine – An Integrative Vision

Dr. Lawrence Cheng MD, CCFP(EM), MPHFunctional Medicine


Medicine is undergoing a major paradigm shift from a reactive, organ-based diagnosis and disease management system to an engaged, proactive, molecular-based systems approach. This is being referred to as “4P Medicine: Personalized, Predictive Preventive, Preventive and … Read More

Helping You Transform

Chew-Nyet Lee Yoga Instructor, Hakomi TherapistMind/Body


Frequently Asked Questions About Chew-Nyet’s Services 1. What do you do at Connect Health? I help individuals change limiting beliefs and habits that are causing pain and suffering, using different modalities, including Therapeutic Counselling, Hakomi … Read More

Connect To Your Happiness

Chew-Nyet Lee Yoga Instructor, Hakomi TherapistMind/Body, Stress


1. Long term practice of meditation will develop resilience and a strong sense of selfhood. This helps most people to reframe stressful situations more productively.These practices over time help you to feel in charge of … Read More

The Journey to Osteopathy

Melisa Dzamastagic DO(UK) M(Ost) Med, BAppScOsteopathy


Six years ago I embarked on a journey having no idea the affect it would have on me. It was December and I was in Switzerland trying to figure out how to get up this … Read More

February is Heart Month!

Mya Stewart RN, BScN, BACYCHeartMath, Mind/Body, Stress


February is Heart Month! Heart Month was created by The Heart and Stroke Foundation and is a national, community-based fundraising campaign to bring awareness to heart disease and stroke. More information here: http://heartmonth.heartandstroke.ca/ At Connect … Read More