Whole Human Health

Dr. Lawrence Cheng MD, CCFP(EM), MPHFunctional Medicine

Ultimately, what is health? The WHO (World Health Organization) defines it as the following: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Health … Read More

The Love Hormone

Mya Stewart RN, BScN, BACYCMind/Body, Stress

  February, the month of love! Have you ever wondered what happens in your body when you feel love, connection and care? Has it been curious to you that we say words like heartfelt, heartbreak … Read More

The Effectiveness of Osteopathy on Insomnia

Lynn Rheault BA, BSc OsteopathyOsteopathy, Sleep

Sleeping disturbances such as insomnia are related to the central nervous system. Trauma, stress, anxiety and circulatory issues can be the source of your insomnia. Physical pain is another issue that can disturb your sleep. … Read More

The Coffee Query

Dr. Maia Love MD, FRCPC, RYT, IHEMFunctional Medicine, Nutrition

  Coffee. Good for you, or bad for you, or somewhere in between? Briefly, research studies show that coffee reduces inflammation, stabilizes blood sugar, and protects the lining of blood vessels; however, this is in … Read More

Chasing “Pain” In My Body

Chew-Nyet Lee Yoga Instructor, Hakomi TherapistMind/Body, Stress

Chasing “Pain” In My Body: How to remove repeated pain in your life: Physical pain to Relief, Mental Stress to Stillness, Emptiness to Purpose, Mind Spinning to Clarity… 19 years ago, I had a “pain’ … Read More

Do You Know How To Breathe?

Lisa Schneider RMT, CranioSacral TherapyMind/Body, Stress

Hopefully you all are enjoying a wonderful, carefree summer of vacations and downtime. As most of us take this time to relax and decompress, I thought it would be helpful to offer a little exercise … Read More

Why Gratitude?

Keet Neville MTCMind/Body, Stress

Experiencing and expressing gratitude is often an over looked, but powerful tool in helping us feel a deeper connection to our essential, open-hearted selves, and developing an overall sense of happiness. Scientists have described how … Read More