Estrogen Dominance and Hormone Disruptors

Dr. Heidi Lescanec, NDNaturopathy

We know environmental toxins contribute to climate change and the disruption of the delicate ecosystems on our planet. What is less well known, is that these same chemicals in our environment (air, water and food) … Read More

Emerge Stronger- Cultivate S E R E N I T Y

Chew-Nyet Lee Yoga Instructor, Hakomi TherapistHakomi

During the past several months of the Covid-19 stay home and social distancing period, we have been given an unusual opportunity to slow down our schedules. I was inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza’s message – … Read More

My Top Longevity Strategies

Dr. Ashley Riskin BSc, MD, CCFPFunctional Medicine, Goals, Stress

If healthspan is the goal, then one of our principal strategies is to thwart chronic diseases of aging — namely vascular disease (Cardiovascular disease), cancer, cognitive decline and metabolic dysregulation (Diabetes and obesity). In my … Read More