Survivorship Support

If you are a cancer survivor you may have questions about cancer prevention, recurrence, recovery from the long-term side effects of cancer treatment, restoring your vitality and energy or other questions. Dr. Moore can help you to answer these questions and work towards establishing your individualized picture of health and wellness.

Common areas of survivorship focus include:

  • Adopting a lifestyle that makes it more difficult for cancer to recur
  • Restoring vitality & energy
  • Identifying deficiencies and imbalances (ie.
  • Nutritional, hormonal, emotional, physical etc.) and restoring health to those areas
  • Sexual wellness
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Reducing exposure to environmental toxins
  • Supporting emotional health and wellness
  • Weight management and metabolic health
  • Targeting cancer-type-specific risk factors such as factors of angiogenesis, inflammation etc
  • Supporting functional status during return to work, exercise or activities of daily life.