I need help to reduce side effects

You may be receiving cancer treatment with chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapies or other conventional therapies. The most common side effects that patients encounter from conventional treatments are

  • Fatigue
  • Sexual wellness issues
  • Pain
  • Neuropathy
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Skin changes
  • Low blood counts
  • Taste changes
  • Dry mouth

We offer nutritional and natural medicine strategies compatible with conventional therapy to reduce side effects and support quality of life.


I’m interested in understanding my unique biochemistry and tissue terrain

Dr. Jessica Moore, ND takes a terrain-centered and whole-person approach to cancer care. She utilizes advanced testing to better understand your unique biochemistry to individualize targets of therapy. While conventional therapies offer value in killing rapidly dividing cancer cells or targeting specific receptors, adding a naturopathic terrain-focused approach can help to also shift your biochemistry to down regulate inflammation or other cancer promoting pathways. The goal is to optimize your biochemistry to promote longevity and reduce cellular conditions that could promote cancer and chronic disease.

I’m interested in using natural medicines to aid in the fight against cancer.

While diet and lifestyle are core tenants of a naturopathic and integrative medicine approach, there are evidence-supported natural medicine strategies that may aid in the fight against cancer. Some of these therapies may include intravenous therapies, mistletoe therapy, hyperbaric oxygen, locoregional hyperthermia or others. These therapies need to be individually assessed on a case-by-case basis during your consultation.

I’m interested in healthy living after cancer

Once cancer treatment ends, patients are often told they can go back to their “normal life,” but are left feeling uncertain about what they can to do restore their health and energy and reduce their risk for cancer recurrence and chronic disease. This should actually be an exciting time for patients to feel empowered and be educated on risk reductions strategies and approaches. Let us provide education, support and guidance to optimize your wellness and keep you on track.

I’m interested in cancer prevention

While 1 in 2 Canadians may be estimated to develop cancer in their lifetime, only 5-10% of cancers diagnosed are considered to be hereditary. Your diet, lifestyle, hormones, environmental exposures and mental emotional well-being can affect your health and wellness including your risk for cancer or other chronic diseases. However, unlike age or family history, they are also modifiable. If you would like to learn more about your personal risk factors, optimizing your wellness practices and supporting your biochemistry to promote vitality and longevity, we welcome you to schedule a consult today.

I’m interested in care for the caregiver

Caring for someone who is living with cancer or has high medical needs, can be a special and rewarding experience. However, there are times when it may be challenging or fatiguing. The health and wellness of a caregiver becomes a critical piece with regard to sustainability and long-term relationship wellness. Key areas of support often include:

  • Sleep & energy
  • Nutritional wellness & blood sugar regulation
  • Exercise and physical maintenance
  • Stress management
  • Immune health