Data Driven Care

Your personalized healthspan protocol


Become a healthier, better performing, more resilient, happier you.

We combine advanced imaging, molecular biomarkers, and more to identify disease risk as early as possible and to target prevention strategies.

Detailed snapshot of your hormone balance; stress markers, sex hormones and metabolites. Imbalanced thyroid and stress hormones may cause insomnia, depression, mood disturbances and weight changes.

Genes are like a blueprint – they define many of your characteristics. We can identify over 25,000 genetic variants, which span 6,000 genes. These can help identify your health and medication risks.

We provide a personalized medication profile which shows risk of adverse or unwanted side effects to many common medications.

Beyond basic cholesterol testing, we look at markers of inflammation, oxidation, artery health and the most detailed form of lipid tests.

We quantify your physiologic age to see how well you are aging; we look at telomeres (the ends of your chromosomes) which correlate with healthspan as well as new markers such as DNA methylation age.

We sample your stool to assess the health of your microbiome and overall digestive system as emerging data links gut related disturbances with a multitude of chronic diseases.