Your Optimize Team

Dr. Segal, MD is our Functional Medicine Doctor leading the Optimize Program at Connect Health.

Dr. Mikel Segal’s journey started with her obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Physiology at McGill University in Montreal. Once graduated, she moved back to her hometown here in Vancouver, where she completed her Medical Doctors license at University of British Columbia. After her studies in Vancouver, she moved to Toronto for her Family Medicine Residency at the University of Toronto through St. Michael’s Hospital.

Dr. Segal has become increasingly interested in Anti-aging and Functional Medicine and has completed the International Certificate of Anti-aging, Molecular and Nutritional Medicine through the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine. She loves the idea of exploring the body to find the root cause of illness and addressing the core of the problem. She is interested in finding ways to improve one’s quality of life through nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle changes. Excited by the rapidly evolving scientific field of longevity, Dr. Segal is interested in helping people find a way to live better for longer, by enhancing their physical, emotional and mental health.

Your Success Support Team

Supporting the Functional Medical Doctors in helping to advance the success of your optimal health journey, we have carefully assembled a team of professional practitioners who’ve dedicated their careers to improving their patients’ health and wellness. While each is a passionate leader in their field, the synergy created by our integrative care model is our unique difference. We invite you to come meet us and to experience it for yourself.


Helena Bianchi
Health Architect, MA, RHC, RHNC


KC Chatha
Client Care Concierge, MOA


Mikaela Viljoen
Registered Nurse, BscN