New patients come to our clinic with a variety of health concerns. Some struggle with complex and persistent issues; others wish simply to inject more vitality and energy into their lives. Many are seeking open-minded family physicians and practitioners who’ll treat the mind, body and spirit as a whole.

Patients visit our clinic in one of three ways: seeking care and treatment from one of our integrative physicians or from another member of our highly regarded team of practitioners. And sometimes by accessing multiple team members for a truly integrative experience.

To book an appointment:

  1. Determine if your priority is proactive wellness care or if you have a specific health concern you need addressed
  2. Review ‘Our Team’ to determine who might be the best fit for your needs
  3. Contact Client Services at 604.733.4400 to get more information or to book an appointment
  4. Complete any required paperwork prior to your appointment and familiarize yourself with our cancellation policy