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We often seek gadgets, methods, supplements, and complex protocols to help us achieve optimal health. While these things can be very helpful, the foundation for truly rock-solid health lies in simple practices that don’t require any fancy tools.

Here are my top three recommendations, in order of importance, that will give you tremendous leverage in creating an easier path towards healthspan and longevity:

1. Circadian Rhythm Alignment

Go outside for at least 30 minutes (ideally 1 hour) every morning before 10 AM, rain or shine, to expose yourself to natural light. In the evening, turn off lights, electronics, and stop engaging in stressful activities or resolving issues two hours before bedtime. You can use candlelight or firelight, which have similar light spectrums to the sun.

This simple practice is the most crucial of all. It will balance your hormones, improve your mood, enhance your sleep quality, and promote metabolic health. By aligning your body with natural light cycles, you’ll provide the right signals for optimal functioning.

2. Simplify Your Life: creative subtraction

There’s a lot of emphasis on regulating the nervous system, but it’s worth reflecting on whether the problem lies within you and your inability to meditate or in the complexity of your lifestyle. No amount of meditation or nervous system regulation techniques will be effective if your life is overwhelmed with too many moving parts.

Ask yourself: “Which aspects of my life are there because I truly want them, and which are there due to others’ expectations?”

Start to remove the nonessentials – everyday remove one thing/meeting/interaction/invitation that does not serve you. If it’s not a clear YES, then it is a clear NO.

Space and then clarity will start to naturally surface from this subtraction.

3. Create Space for Vitality

As you begin to remove the things that don’t serve you, space will open up for vitality to flourish. Enjoy this life-giving energy for a while, and then use it to engage in activities or interactions that bring you joy and fulfillment.

By following these three simple steps – aligning your circadian rhythm, simplifying your life, and creating space for vitality – you’ll establish a solid foundation for optimal health and well-being.

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