Melisa Dzamastagic DO(UK) M(Ost) Med, BAppScMind/Body, Osteopathy

As summer comes to a close, school will be starting soon for many, and this means a keenness on improving memory, concentration, mental sharpness and addressing anxiety. Osteopathically speaking, this has a lot to do with the nervous system and often times this will present as a buzz-like sensation through the central nervous system (CNS). This buzz, may be a result of an imbalance between the ‘fight and flight’ and ‘rest and digest’ aspect of our nervous system or may be a result of direct traumas, such as a concussion, whiplash or shock, to name a few.

In order to understand how we can balance the nervous system and calm it down, resulting in a clearer mental state, it is important to understand how it formed.

Embryology is the incarnation and the unfolding of a unique intelligence which gives rise to the living, breathing, incarnated presence of life. While anatomy is the incarnated presence of life supporting the function of life being lived. Anatomy is form and function and is not static. It is a dynamic living expression of metabolic motion creating the capacity for life. It is a tough concept to grasp, but remember, on a cellular level we are constantly changing.

The central nervous system is an integrated aspect of the Whole at incarnation and begins its embryological journey in the third week of development as the neural plate. The neural plate invaginate around a core stillness in the fourth week creating the neural groove. The neural groove then forms into the neural tube which gives rise to the ventricular system inside the brain and spinal cord. The simplicity of our nervous system at this point resembles a tadpole. Head, body and tail all forming around a central stillness of the individual, moving around the fluid directed by a much higher intelligence. An ancient wisdom working its magic directing the development of the embryo. The forces in the fluids of the developing embryo are intelligent, precise and never miss a beat.

But, in order for this intelligence to work ideally, it requires stillness. There are four levels of stillness that are palpable in the natural world. The level of stillness governing the journey of the CNS, is a third level of Stillness.

At this level of stillness we become transparent to the natural movement of life. We are one and Whole.

Osteopathically speaking, during a treatment, at this level of stillness is when we become aware of our capacity to heal. Healing has many dimensions but it holds us so completely that we essentially act as one – Whole, and remember there are no parts in the Whole! Embryology and healing share the same precision and laws, as the natural world – they express themselves in a distinct and ordered fashion. The forces governing growth and development in the embryo are the same forces governing healing and sustaining health within each one of us. So you see, in order for our nervous system to heal and balance regardless of the presenting complaint, it requires a deeper level of Stillness.

This is why meditation may help to improve your mental state and anxiety. However, when it comes to specifically healing the nervous system it requires a deeper state of stillness which maybe achieved with Osteopathic treatment.

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