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Sleeping disturbances such as insomnia are related to the central nervous system. Trauma, stress, anxiety and circulatory issues can be the source of your insomnia.

Physical pain is another issue that can disturb your sleep. As pain originates from the nervous system, it can create irritability and increase pain signals. The higher the pain, the more difficult it is for the body to correctly read signals to sleep.

The nervous system is composed of the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems. These two systems manage the unconscious activities of the whole body, such as respiration, heartbeat, circulation, digestion and all bodily functions without conscious will.

The spine with its peripheral nerves is directly connected to the central nervous system. A misalignment of the vertebra can disturb the nervous system to the point of causing insomnia. With specialized techniques in soft tissue and biodynamic fluid body, an osteopath can effectively address the source of insomnia. Specific techniques in manipulating the cranium and sacrum axis can significantly improve mobility of the spine.

One osteopathic approach is to help create proper functionality of the vagus nerve or the X cranial nerve which is responsible for both physical and mental wellbeing. In this way also, osteopathy can help create balance between the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous systems. A balanced central nervous system permits the body to rest, improves functionality, reduces overall tension and promotes a deeper sleep.

Cranial osteopathy can improve sleeping patterns during stressful periods as well. Stress can be in your personal or professional life or stress in general and can cause fatigue, attention deficits, irritability and anxiety.

When stress is on-going and long-term, the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems functions similar to a motor which is difficult to stop and eventually creates fatigue.

Even tightness in the body gives mixed signals to the nervous system. Misinterpretation leads to incorrect responses within the body. Inefficient communication in the body results in disease.

Osteopathic sessions can naturally and safely eliminate blockages and restrictions in the whole system which allows for a better sleeping pattern and more energy and alertness during the day. If necessary, your osteopath will recommend additional therapies such as meditation, yoga and exercise which are supportive in relieving insomnia as well.

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