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How to create deep sustainable health in your body without the frustration of waiting around for results to show up fast. 

Everyone wants the magic pill, the magic solution, that one thing that they can do right away and that will immediately turn their body into a healing machine. 

We want a healing machine that will wipe out any existent health issue so that, finally, we can get to that place of abundant energy, vitality and inevitable longevity. 

But that magic pill, 

that magic solution,

doesn’t exist. 

What does exist is an ever-expanding world of credible and not so credible health information. 

This world of health information we live in, contains the building blocks of our vitality.

It’s composed of the ‘health puzzle pieces’ that when merged solidly together in just the right way, will build us a rock-solid health foundation. 

And it’s up to us to create health in our bodies by using the knowledge and resources we have available. 

We must educate ourselves about these available health pieces and then strategically pick the ones that we feel will resonate well and effortlessly together to give us the healing and the vitality that we would like. 

So, how in the world are you supposed to know which health pieces to pick at any moment in time? 

That is a really important and valid question in this day and age. It can be confusing and dowright discouraging to even begin thinking about putting any sort of health-piece combination together. 

Take ‘nutrition,’ for example. 

You could pick from a wide array of diets: 




popular keto, 

science based keto, 

low carb, 


high fat, 

low lectin, 




raw food, 


slow carb, 

high calorie, 

high carb, 

fasting mimicking diet, 

intermittent fasting with fatty coffee, intermittent fasting with bone broth, intermittent fasting with water only, 

dry fasting with nothing-not even water,

the ‘I am sick of all this and will just do whatever I want diet.’

You get the picture. And I am sure you’ve felt this picture in your bones!

How are you supposed to know which of those pieces, not only, fit well for you and for your unique biochemistry and genetic make-up, but fit well with each other to fix the root of your health issues and to finally bring about a harmonious state of health in your body?

It’s a conundrum for sure. 

One that gets in the way of healing because people quit way too soon without giving their bodies a chance to turn things around. 

It also gets in the way because of the misconception that there’s a health destination to be arrived at: the one where ‘I am now 100% healthy.” 

There isn’t such a place. But there is the possibility of creating better and better health as you go about your life. 

How do you create health? What does it mean to ‘get healthy?’

Getting healthy is an ongoing process. 

This process involves:

1.  Learning about the health pieces available.

2. Then, picking a few pieces to work on. 

3. Taking action on those chosen pieces.

4.  Giving the body a reasonable amount of time with which to work with that. 

5. Then asking: “Does my body heal with this piece (or pieces)?” If so, I keep it. If not, I let it go and use this information to help me pick another piece. 

Getting healthy is about experimenting and playing detective.

It’s also about peeling one ‘health’ layer at a time and experience your body getting stronger and healthier and feeling better and better. 

Kind of goes like this:

You pick one (or a few) health piece to work on. 

Then, you wait. 

You give the body space while being consistent in your ‘health’ actions. 

Wait some more. 

Then, some healing happens. 

You feel a little bit better. 

You gather information about the experience. 

Then, you take another small step (you pick another health piece).

Wait a little bit more. 

and another layer is peeled. 

Some more healing happens. 

You feel so much better!

Then you peel a main, important layer. 

Then, whoa! 

The body loves it and makes major healing progress- perhaps one that you will actually significantly feel it and see it in your body. 

Healing ability is now officially unlocked…a cascade of healing is unlocked…some healing finally beginning to engage into more vitality for you. 

And this continues on and on forever. 

Sometimes, it happens that you peel a layer and nothing visible happens. 

This doesn’t mean it is not working. 

For example, maybe you started fasting and have been fasting for 1 month, but the number on the scale didn’t change yet. 

That doesn’t mean things are not happening. It just means you chose to measure health by using the scale, instead of say, ‘level of energy:’  “maybe today I have more energy in the morning!” (Energy is also a measure of health and a much better one than weight.) 

So, yes, maybe the scale didn’t budge ‘yet’ but body is responding to the fasting! And this is a huge win already. And you are officially, creating health in your body. 

What is the crucial combination of ingredients for creating sustainable health in your body for the rest of your life? 

An open mind


a willingness to try different combinations of ‘health pieces,’ to see which ones work the best for your biochemistry and genetic make-up 

a bit of patience to let the body do its thing 

trust in yourself and your body’s ability to heal you


a sustainable system for creating health in your body. 

After all, goals are well and good but if you don’t have a reliable and sustainable system, you won’t be able keep this going for very long. 

“The purpose of setting goals is to win the game. The purpose of building systems is to continue playing the game. True long-term thinking is goal-less thinking. It’s not about any single accomplishment. It is about the cycle of endless refinement and continuous improvement. Ultimately, it is your commitment to the process that will determine your progress.” James Clear

It’s worth every second of fine tuning and practicing this system of creating health in your body. 

So, when you find yourself in a frustrating or painful health situation, and in front of never-ending health layers to be peeled, you will feel way less overwhelmed, because now you have a system with which to create health.  

And whether the healing happens now or later, won’t matter that much anymore. 

And whether ideal results come today or a year from today, won’t matter either. Because now you know how to create health for yourself. 

For every layer you peel, you know you will get closer to healing, peak performance and vitality. 

Getting healthy is not a destination you get to. 

Getting healthy is a process that you fully engage with every day for the rest of your life. 

It’s a process of learning, 

It is a process that requires a new way of seeing things and a mindset of expansion and experimentation. 

You cannot fix a health problem with the same mind (diet and lifestyle) that created it. 

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