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“Change is the only constant in life.” said Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher.

Do you believe this? If yes, I am curious to know how well you embrace changes happening in your life, especially significant changes?

If we learn to response instead of react to changes in life, we can always choose a happy state of mind regardless, to feed a strong mind body baseline.

“Be Happy, Don’t Worry” – I take this simple phrase and song to heart. This is a practice that creates a space in our mind body to allow new possibilities to choose new outcomes. Times when I can choose to worry or not to worry, I always choose to stay present with my body mind and follow the wisdom of my body’s insight, follow my neural physio information pathways for wisdom to come up with the ideal step.

How often have you heard this statement and how easy is it for you to apply it to your situation? Some people find this easy to follow, some find it impossible. Others, like myself, finds it easier and easier as we make it a priority to cultivate and develop our neuro-physiological habit to embrace and tap into this simple but incredibly resourceful state of body mind wisdom.

Often, my friends and clients’ replies are, “It is easy to feel that way when everything in my life is going as well as I expect, impossible if someone or something I care about is not going well!”. This is a common reaction. In the short term this can motivate us to step up our engagement and performance, face the challenge at hand to change the relationships or the cause of our worry. Consequently, we learn and change with what life comes up with. We grow with confidence with the changes.

What if you do know the cause but you can’t change it? Or what if it is a change you cannot control?  For examples, your children are growing up and you don’t feel needed anymore, even though you know this means you have done a great job with parenting them towards independence. What if you have given up your career to be a full-time parent more than five years ago, what to do next? What if you still have the job you love but the drive you used to feel has now disappeared?  What if someone you love is passed on and you are left feeling empty thinking about it? What if you have changed and your spouse has not and you are fearful of breaking someone’s heart if you make a new move? What if you just feel stuck with the same thought over the same problem, over and over and over and over again in your mind. And you are aware the worry is going on now for …. a week,…. a month or …a year…. It is interfering with your sleep, not feeling recharged or rested, and you feel stressed. What if you have become a habitual worrier and don’t remember what it feels like to be relaxed or when the last time you feel free from worry, unable to recreate with the beauty of what life can offer.

There are techniques which you can learn to cultivate connection to your body mind wisdom which will create customized insight perfect for you. This will develop connection to your body mind and true essence. You will become clear of your needs, develop balance, creativity, confidence to change or discipline your thoughts and create new neuro physiological pathways that best serve you as a whole to respond and grow with each change.

Choose the technique(s) most appealing to you, then you will be more motivated to sustain it and make it your new habit and you will experience the benefits faster. Some examples of activities to promote body mind emotion connection are yoga, meditation, Hakomi, Tai Chi, dance or as simple as walking with appreciation of nature, with self observation as the primary focus. 

Reconsider how our bodies think, feel and heal.

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For more information, refer to The Body Reveals by Ron kurtz and Hector Prestera, Hardwiring Happiness by Neuropsychologist, Rick Hanson Ph.D. or Your Brain is not in Charge -Your Body is Your Subconscious by Dr. Candace Pert in neuroscience. 

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