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If you enter the words “Detox Diet” into a Google search, you will find at least 10 pages of sites promoting many different detox diets.  Advertisements for detox diets make several exciting promises, ranging from weight loss and the elimination of cellulite to feeling healthier overall and having beautiful, glowing skin.  Pretty inspiring but do they work? And how do you choose the right one?

For most people the primary goal of a detox diet is to get rid of toxins and to lose weight, but a build-up of toxins can manifest itself in many other ways that are often not considered.  Other symptoms that may indicate the need for detoxification support include allergies, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, congestion, fatigue, joint and muscle issues, skin rashes, neurological conditions and inflammation.

Our bodies have their own complex detoxification system which, when supported and functioning properly, do an excellent job of eliminating harmful toxins.  The key players in this system include the liver, kidneys, the gut and the skin.  These organs work together to eliminate toxins that we encounter daily in the food we eat, the water we drink, the products we put on our skin, the air we breathe and the environment around us.

Detoxification is a two-part process. Phase One is where the toxins are broken down so they are easier to excrete from the body. In Phase Two, the broken-down toxins are combined with other molecules for safe transport out of the body.  Sometimes the broken-down molecules from Phase One are more harmful than the original toxins, which is why Phase Two is so critical and must be supported.

The best way to ensure your body is detoxifying properly is to support your own detoxification system all year long.  Eating whole, unprocessed foods, drinking lots of filtered water, exercising and the avoidance of toxins in food and our environment, are great ways to help keep your detoxification system working optimally. But for some people, this isn’t always possible and they need to put more energy and focus on helping their body optimize the detoxification process.

While the idea of going on a packaged three, seven or ten-day detox diet may sound like an attractive ‘quick fix’, it is important to ensure you are getting all of the nutrients you need or you could be doing yourself more harm than good.

The best detoxification plan includes:

  • A wide variety of healthy, unprocessed food that will support your body’s own detoxification system
  • A plan to support both Phase One and Phase Two detoxification
  • Adequate fiber, protein and fat
  • Lifestyle modifications
  • A plan for supporting your detoxification system all year

Now is the perfect time to focus on detoxification.  If you are interested in doing a personalized program, our holistic nutritionist, Haely Lindau, would be happy to work with you.


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