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Dr. Fulford, a legendary Osteopath, whom many of you may have heard of through Dr. Andrew Weil’s book “Spontaneous Healing”, stressed the importance of looking at the living process of life. He said, “we have one task – to cease being what we are not, and to be what we eternally are.”

The essence of this thought rang very true for me on one of my trips to Switzerland for my pediatric course. This course holds a special place in my heart and is unique in the sense that it offers a free clinic for children and families. On one of the clinic days I had treated a women who was about eight  weeks pregnant who had come for a simple check up.

When treating pregnant women it is REALLY important to treat the Whole (Body, Mind and Spirit) and not just anatomical parts. But this concept of the Whole is not limited to the mother. It also includes the growing baby; they are one!

However, in this particular case, this was not happening. There were two separate midlines; mum and baby. A midline is a bioelectric line that is remnant of the notochord in the embryonic plate. It is a primary line of orientation for all spatial dynamics. The Breath of Life comes into the midline and we (Osteopathic Practitioners) can sense various rhythms created as a result of this. These rhythms are generated in the bioelectric field, fluids, and tissue. Therefore, as a result, moment to moment, we are creating new form and function on all levels. This is the astonishing ability of the body’s capacity to heal.

When we get hands-on for a treatment, we sense a priority that is already set in motion. This is what the body wants to do and will do in a certain order. All we do is observe, wait and set aside our egos and let a much higher wisdom work. So when the separate midlines appeared, and were not being united and acting as a Whole, I asked mum if she was alright.

Immediately she was in floods of tears, and explained that she was a twin and lost her brother in-utero. She has carried guilt throughout her life, worried about whether she has made the most of her life and always wondering if it should have been her, instead of her brother, who should have passed.

When treating the Whole, we cannot forget the emotional body and for some patients, the importance of vocalizing emotions. As a result of her sharing her story, the treatment took off, the midlines united and mum and baby were now a Whole.

Changes throughout the Whole took place that I could not have predicted. She felt calmer, more relaxed and knew something significant had happened. She was very grateful.

That session was one of the most memorable treatments I can recall and took only about 15 minutes. When we get hands-on and synchronize with the natural laws and allow this priority to run its course, treatments are efficient and should not take long. This is what Dr. Still, the founding father of Osteopathy, means when he says “Anyone can find disease, it takes an Osteopath to find the Health”.

Story Update: The mum delivered a healthy baby girl and I was thrilled to get the opportunity to treat her. Mum and baby are doing great!

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