We often see new patients come to our clinic with a variety of health concerns. Some struggle with complex and persistent issues; others wish simply to inject more vitality and energy into their lives.

Rest assured, you will be treated with respect, your story will be heard and you will receive our undivided attention. Knowing you will be cared for with integrity, compassion and leading-edge health care gives you an opportunity to focus on your healing and wellness.

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Our Unique Approach

  • Connector.

    1. Identify health triggers

    by listening to your story

  • Connector.

    2. Review lifestyle factors

    including nutrition, movement, sleep/relaxation, stress resilience, relationships and physical environments

  • Connector.

    3. Identify imbalances

    in your core systems (digestion, immunity, energy, detoxification, transport, hormonal, musculoskeletal)

  • Connector.

    4. Organize, prioritize and investigate

    through standard and advanced laboratory testing

  • Connector.

    5. Treat the whole person

    by combining best evidence-based conventional and complementary therapies

  • Connector.

    6. Track progress

    through timely follow-up appointments with your practitioner who can help support you and keep you accountable

The practitioners at Connect Health understand that medicine is not just about treating the symptoms of disease. It’s about increasing health and vitality. We offer a new model of primary care that will help you achieve your personal health goals in an empowered partnership with a coordinated team.

We practice the principles of integrative and functional medicine, which treats the whole person, addresses the root causes of illness and intelligently combines a complementary array of approaches and therapies.

Our team of professionals includes physicians specially trained in integrative + functional medicine, traditional Chinese medicine doctors, naturopathic doctors, osteopathic practitioner, chiropractic doctors, registered nurses, massage therapists, nutritionists, counselors and mind-body therapists all in one location. Meet our whole team

New Practitioners

Belinda Morris is a clinical nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) from Endeavour College of Natural Medicine in Brisbane, AUS. Her work with hormonal imbalances, athletes and chronic disease have ingrained the importance of strong foundations of nutrition, movement and lifestyle for optimal health.

Katherine McKinnon is a graduate of West Coast College of Massage Therapy. Her years of experience as a yoga and fitness instructor inspired her interest in holistic health and taught her that each person’s body and healing process require an individualized approach.

Lynn Rheault obtained her Bachelors of Science degree in Osteopathy from the University of Wales, has a B.A in Psychosociology from Quebec University and now studies in Switzerland in Pediatric Osteopathy to provide care to children and family with special needs.

Individual Services

Our comprehensive services are specifically tailored to your unique health needs.


MD Services

Our open-minded and inclusive physicians proactively look at the root causes of illness to improve your health.


Specialized Testing

We have carefully curated advanced testing options that can provide you with valuable insights into your medical condition.

Conditions We Treat

An integrative and functional medicine approach treats the whole person, emphasizes wellness and seeks to address the root causes of illness, not merely the symptoms. Bringing western and non-western approaches together to treat illness, maintain optimal health and prevent disease, we commonly address the following:
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