Customized Intravenous Nutrient Therapy & Vitamin Shots

Our personalized approach to your care includes customizing your IV formula for the most effective support.

IV therapy is an excellent way to optimize nutritional status, help your body heal and prevent illness. Bypassing absorption via the GI tract, allows for immediate and optimal delivery to the tissues and the ability to provider higher doses than what could be absorbed through oral supplementation, even with the highest quality supplements. When our bodies are taxed mentally and/or physically, by chronic illness, long term stress, toxic exposures, intense workouts or other challenges, we may require higher levels of nutrients to repair tissue damage, maintain mental focus, and restore energy. For individuals with impaired digestion or intestinal absorption (inflammatory bowel disease, IBS, cancer, celiac disease etc) IV therapy can be an effective means to restore important minerals and other nutrients, improve immune function and support connective tissue repair.

Common goals of IV therapy may include:

  • Improving energy
  • Supporting hydration
  • Aiding in migraine relief
  • Metabolism and weight management support
  • Muscle health wellness and recovery
  • Mood balancing support
  • Sleep support
  • Mental health and stress management
  • Detoxification
  • Cancer support

Vitamin Shots

Otherwise known as intramuscular injections, vitamin shots are a quick and inexpensive way to replete nutrient deficiencies or provide treatment for specific conditions. Like IV therapy, vitamin shots bypass the GI tract and deliver nutrients in an efficient and optimal way. Your provider might consider customized vitamin shot like B12 or Vitamin D if indicated.

Did you know that B12 deficiency is common in people who:

  • Practice a vegan/vegetarian diet
  • Are elderly
  • Are taking certain medications
  • Have specific malabsorption, GI tract problems or autoimmune disease