Dr. Melissa Carr BSc (Kines), DrTCM, RAcAcupuncture, Allergies

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been in practice for thousands of years, but is ever-evolving, encompassing new modalities to continue to grow our methods of treatment. One of the decades-old methods I use is called biopuncture or acupuncture injection therapy. Injections of small amounts of natural remedies can be done superficially under the skin or into muscles to stimulate the body to heal itself.

In the case of allergies, I use an ultra-low-dose natural solution that is both safe and powerful, called Pascallerg, as the main remedy. A small amount of this remedy is injected into specifically chosen acupuncture points.

For a personal perspective, I’ve asked a recent patient to write about her experience:

“I’ve had asthma and allergies since I was a child and had been on corticosteroid inhalers for 20 years. I’m allergic to pretty much everything: dust, mold, trees, grass, feathers, animals – and I couldn’t function normally without taking a preventative inhaler daily.

Recently, I decided I couldn’t be satisfied with the conventional medicine attitude that my health would never improve and that I would have to depend on pharmaceuticals the rest of my life. Starting to see Dr. Carr this past year was a turning point.

My treatment focuses on acupuncture with biopuncture using Pascallerg, and is complemented by a good diet and other holistic methods. I have seen great results! In the course of a few months, I have been able to progressively reduce the use of my preventative inhaler down to zero! This was the first time in my life since childhood that I had a medication-free week and been wheeze-free! I have also become much more resilient to colds, which used to have me wheezing for weeks afterwards. My friends and family are thrilled that I have seen so much progress as they know how frustrating my struggle with my allergies and asthma has been.”—S.F.

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