OneHealth – our comprehensive Functional Medicine Assessment Program – represents the next generation of executive health programs. Through this personalized, predictive, preventative and proactive health plan, you’ll give key team members the gift of optimal health.

OneHealth is a strategic roadmap to help people achieve their health goals by identifying specific risk factors through genomic testing, advanced biomarker testing and micronutrient analysis. Our integrative physicians, trained in both conventional biomedicine and complementary approaches, work with our patients to discern primary stressors and root causes of illness, return the body to good health and enhance its natural capacity to heal. Grounded in a thorough assessment of each patient’s health situation, it provides a clear, personalized plan for moving forward and living life as fully and vitally as possible.

Included in the OneHealth program

  • Integrative medicine physician consult and plan
  • Nutrition consult and plan
  • Stress resilience assessment HeartMath

Pricing starts at $1700.

Core Advanced Testing (additional cost)
To better understand your body’s systems, provide more predictive risk assessment and deliver the best care possible, we offer advanced testing not available through conventional providers. This includes advanced cardiac panels, micronutrient evaluation, telomere testing, advanced gastrointestinal evaluation, and hormone, heavy metal toxicity and genetic testing.

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