Trained in conventional and complementary approaches, our integrative physicians understand how to merge the strengths and deliver the benefits of both. They take a holistic, preventive approach to care, working with you to determine primary stressors and root causes of illness to improve health and enhance your natural capacity to heal.

To treat patients with a proactive approach to health and healing, Connect Health combines the best of conventional medicine with innovative, effective complementary therapies including chiropractic, counselling massage therapy, mind-body therapies, naturopathy, nutrition, osteopathy and traditional Chinese medicine.

Our Integrative Medical Doctors and our Naturopathic Doctor work together with the rest of our team to provide you with a true team-based approach to care. This model sets us apart. And we feel it provides the best medicine possible.

BEGIN: Your Initial Integrative Medicine Consultation
We begin by hearing your story, clarifying the issues, reviewing medical records and previous investigations, and recommending next steps. We provide more comprehensive recommendations after additional testing (where applicable).

Personalized recommendations may include strategies for prevention, nutrition, exercise, relaxation, supplements, botanicals, conventional medicine, complementary modalities, additional testing and advanced diagnostics.

Begin: 60 min (Initial Consult) $395
Follow up: 30 min $180
Follow up: 45 min $270
Follow up: 60 min $360

Medical Practitioners at Connect Health