HeartMath is another term for heart rate variability (HRV) feedback.

HRV is a measure of naturally occurring changes in heart rhythms, which are controlled by the autonomic (or automatic) nervous system. HRV decreases with age, chronic or acute emotional distress, and physical illness. It’s an accurate indicator for sleep quality, vitality, adaptability, resilience and the short- and long-term impacts of stress.

How does HeartMath work?
Using advanced biofeedback technology, HeartMath teaches simple yet powerful emotional restructuring tools coupled with straightforward breathing exercises to increase HRV. With regular practice, HeartMath creates a sustained balance in the autonomic nervous system, allowing all body systems to function optimally in a state called ‘Coherence’.

People who regularly practice HeartMath notice a greater sense of vitality, less stress, better sleep, a clearer mind, enhanced performance and improved communication skills.

Learning HeartMath requires no prior experience with meditation, relaxation or breathing techniques, nor will it interfere with the benefits of such practices.

Learn more: www.heartmath.com | www.heartmath.org

HearthMath Package: Includes 60 min initial consult – two 30 min follow-ups – one month equipment rental: $160
HeartMath Initial Consult:60 min $80
HearthMath Follow-up:30 min $45
HeartMath Rental (per month): $30
HeartMath Purchase: 125-$250

If you would like to book an appointment, please call Client Services at 604.733.4400. You can also contact our HeartMath nurse mstewart@connecthealthcare.ca