Acupuncture supports the body’s own natural healing processes by stimulating specific anatomic points on the body to affect changes both at the point of stimulation and over the whole body. The system of acupuncture has been developed and improved upon over at least 2000 years.

We now have very fine, sterile, smooth acupuncture needles that allows acupuncture to be painless. Sensations are varied, from warmth to heaviness to “hard to describe.” But the whole process is usually very relaxing, with patients often falling asleep during the treatment.

While acupuncture is commonly recommended for the treatment of pain, with a great deal of research to support its benefits in this regard, it is also suitable to treat a wide variety of conditions. Some of the ways that acupuncture is thought to work include:

  • Improve local blood flow
  • Improve whole body circulation
  • Stimulate release of endorphins and other brain chemicals
  • Release muscular tension
  • Stimulate pathways of the body’s internal communication system through myofascial tissues

Acupuncture is part of a larger system of Traditional Chinese Medicine that carefully considers the whole person, not just the injured tissue, particular symptom, or diagnosed disease.

Initial TCM Consult/Acupuncture: 60 min $120
Follow-up Acupuncture: 60 min $90
Follow-up TCM/Herb Consult: 30 min $75
Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture/Microcurrent: 60 min $150
Initial Consult Acupuncture and Herbs: 60 min $150
Follow-up Acupuncture with Herbs Consult: 60 min $125
Biopuncture (remedy extra): 30 min $75
Biopuncture (remedy extra): 15 min $50
Biopuncture w/acupuncture (remedy extra): $15
Kinesiotaping/Acutaping: $10.50

Acupuncture Practitioner at Connect Health