Beyond Premium. Total Care

An annual program of end-to-end care offering total convenience and total coverage. 

PREMIER+ provides you every avenue for optimal health

Health is the ultimate investment and PREMIER+ is the opportunity to gain the very best in modern science and healthcare from our unparalleled team of Functional Medicine-trained Physicians, Nurses, Nutrition Coaches and Integrated Practitioners.

Designed to provide you and your family with seamless access and delivery of every aspect of outstanding care, packaged in a personalized, proactive health plan, PREMIER+ releases you from managing the details of your health, freeing you to enjoy the benefits of enduring health and vitality.

Under the leadership of your Functional Medicine Physician your PREMIER+ integrated care team will guide you seamlessly through the most advanced tests and treatments, tailored to your personal health plan.

With direct access to your physician, personalized coaching support, and pre-booked appointments, you will be free to enjoy the benefits of optimal health.

PREMIER+ is for you if you want:

  • An unparalleled, end-to-end health care experience.
  • The freedom to enjoy your good health.
  • The very best of what science and medicine has to offer toward your health.
  • Access to every avenue that contributes toward optimal health.

PREMIER+ includes:

  • On-call appointments
  • Scheduled monthly appointments
  • Comprehensive Personal Health Assessment
  • Baseline, Essential, and Targeted Functional Medicine testing
  • Advanced Molecular testing
  • Personalized, Proactive Health Plan
  • On-call access to a dedicated Functional Medicine Physician
  • Proactive health management from your Personal Nurse
  • Nutrition assessment and monthly follow-up from your Nutrition Coach
  • Supplements management and refill discounts
  • Pre-booked appointments with Integrated PractitionersStress regulation therapies
  • Immunizations
  • Nutrient, Booster and Recovery IV’s
  • Vitamin Injections
  • Prescription refills, test results and doctor’s notes
  • Cancelation Coverage
  • On-call access to you health care team virtually, in-person, or by email, phone or text.

PREMIER+ provides all available avenues to optimal health

Annual cost:

First Year: $17,500 / Renewal: $16,500. Discounted pricing for additional adult and child family members

Please note: PREMIER+ is available only on an exclusive basis to a limited number of patient families.


For more information or to enrol: 604.733.4400 or

Some conditions apply. For a detailed list of inclusions, exclusions, enrolment requirements and payment options, please contact us.