Why does your GP only see you when you’re sick?

A proactive health program with your Functional Medicine Physician, Personal Nurse and Nutrition Coach.

ENHANCE is ideal if you are eager to:

  • Enhance the care received from your traditional GP
  • Become pro-active in managing your health
  • Benefit from an open-minded, functional medicine-trained physician
  • Explore how a variety of healing practices and treatments can support your health
  • Optimize your overall health and well-being

ENHANCE includes:

  • Scheduled quarterly appointments
  • A dedicated Integrated Physician, Personal Nurse and Nutrition Coach
  • Comprehensive Personal Health Assessment
  • Baseline medical testing
  • A personalized Proactive Health Plan
  • Proactive health management from your Personal Nurse
  • Nutrition assessment and monthly follow-up from your Nutrition Coach
  • Supplements management and refill discounts

ENHANCE provides access as recommended to:

Annual cost:

First Year: $2,250 / Renewal: $1,450. Discounted pricing for additional adult and child family members


For more information or to enrol: Phone: 604.733.4400 or shooey@connecthealthcare.ca

Some conditions apply. For a detailed list of inclusions, exclusions, enrolment requirements and payment options, please contact us.