Helping You Transform

Chew-Nyet Lee Yoga Instructor, Hakomi TherapistMind/Body


Helping you Transform with Chew-Nyet Lee, Registered Counselling Therapist, Certified Hakomi Therapist, Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher Frequently Asked Questions 1.What do you do at Connect Health? I help individuals change limiting beliefs that are causing pain … Read More

Being Happy Just Being

Keet Neville MTCMind/Body


Summer typically involves holidays that take us out of our routines, and into novelty and excitement. Holidays can be stimulating and often require lots of energy. Even on the day of my last yoga class, … Read More

Healing Mindfully

Dr. Devon Christie MD, CCFP, ABIHMFunctional Medicine, Mind/Body, Stress


There has been a lot of buzz lately about ‘mindfulness’. I’m sure you’ve heard of it in the media, and information is exploding within the scientific literature too. But what does mindfulness really mean? I … Read More

An Osteopathic Story

Melisa Dzamastagic DO(UK) M(Ost) Med, BAppScOsteopathy


Dr. Fulford, a legendary Osteopath, whom many of you may have heard of through Dr. Andrew Weil’s book “Spontaneous Healing”, stressed the importance of looking at the living process of life. He said, “we have … Read More


Melisa Dzamastagic DO(UK) M(Ost) Med, BAppScMind/Body, Osteopathy


As summer comes to a close, school will be starting soon for many, and this means a keenness on improving memory, concentration, mental sharpness and addressing anxiety. Osteopathically speaking, this has a lot to do … Read More