The Future of Medicine – An Integrative Vision

Dr. Lawrence Cheng MD, CCFP(EM), MPHFunctional Medicine


Medicine is undergoing a major paradigm shift from a reactive, organ-based diagnosis and disease management system to an engaged, proactive, molecular-based systems approach. This is being referred to as “4P Medicine: Personalized, Predictive Preventive, Preventive and … Read More

Helping You Transform

Chew-Nyet Lee Yoga Instructor, Hakomi TherapistMind/Body


Frequently Asked Questions About Chew-Nyet’s Services 1. What do you do at Connect Health? I help individuals change limiting beliefs and habits that are causing pain and suffering, using different modalities, including Therapeutic Counselling, Hakomi … Read More

Connect To Your Happiness

Chew-Nyet Lee Yoga Instructor, Hakomi TherapistMind/Body, Stress


1. Long term practice of meditation will develop resilience and a strong sense of selfhood. This helps most people to reframe stressful situations more productively.These practices over time help you to feel in charge of … Read More

The Journey to Osteopathy

Melisa Dzamastagic DO(UK) M(Ost) Med, BAppScOsteopathy


Six years ago I embarked on a journey having no idea the affect it would have on me. It was December and I was in Switzerland trying to figure out how to get up this … Read More

February is Heart Month!

Mya Stewart RN, BScN, BACYCHeartMath, Mind/Body, Stress


February is Heart Month! Heart Month was created by The Heart and Stroke Foundation and is a national, community-based fundraising campaign to bring awareness to heart disease and stroke. More information here: At Connect … Read More

New Year, New You?

Lisa Schneider RMT, CranioSacral TherapyGoals


10 Tips for Making, And Keeping, Your New Year’s resolutions The time has come again for New Year’s resolutions and making healthy promises to ourselves. January represents the fresh start of a new year and … Read More

The Season of Winter & Reflection

Dr. Selena Faiers, MD MCFPMind/Body


The power of winter is the power of emphasis: it emphasizes the essence of life. Without the external ornamentation of leaves, flowers, and fruits of the growing season, the plant is just bare essence: a … Read More